EV3 Exam


NEW! Certification from Robofest for EV3 Robot Programming is available

Certificates are available for $20

STEP 1:  Go to https://www.schoology.com and register for the course “EV3 Certification” code QMKH-HZ3D-NW2KJ

STEP 2:  Fill out form to gain access (in Schoology or here: https://forms.gle/svxfzqCLgJjptCBMA )

STEP 3:  Take and pass the exam (90% or better, max 1 try)

STEP 4:   If you pass, the certificate is $20. Submit request for certificate using  https://forms.gle/QeEbvzJkcPt8467x5

STEP 5:  Pay the PayPal invoice after it is received.

STEP 6:  Robofest will review results and send certificate

First try is free.Retakes are available for $5. To request, send email to esantos@ltu.edu




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